5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Winter Brides

Wedding Beauty Tips for Winter Brides

While most blushing brides prefer the golden tones and warm weather of June or July for their nuptials, some trailblazing ladies would rather say “I do” amidst a backdrop of snowflakes and a white-on-white motif particular to the holiday season. If a winter wonderland is really the setting you crave on your special day, then there’s no reason you should bow to convention and marry during the summer months. However, you may face some unique challenges when it comes to travel, transportation, flowers, and securing a venue and lodgings for guests, just to name a few potential hiccups. And the cold, dry, winter weather can certainly wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and everything else. So you’ll have to pay particular attention to your beauty routine if you want to look perfect on the most important day of your life.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Winter Brides

Here are just a few pre-wedding tips that will ensure optimum beauty when you walk down the aisle.

  • Stay hydrated. When the winter winds howl and your stress is high, you shouldn’t be surprised to suffer a skin crisis. And believe it or not, the best way to treat your rough, dry, itchy, and irritated skin is with water. Of course, standing under a steamy shower won’t really do the trick. You have to start from the inside out by making sure that you get your standard eight glasses of water a day. When you make sure your cells are getting all the water they need to function properly, you’re going to feel healthier overall. But you’ll also see a positive response in your skin, hair, and nails, most likely.
  • Cut and color ahead. Every bride knows you’re supposed to get your hair cut and colored at least a week before the wedding so that it has time to lose its blunt edge and add just a hint of regrowth at the crown for added depth. But if you’re dealing with frizzy and fly-away hair, you should also take the time the night before the wedding to smooth on a hydrating hair mask designed to tame your tresses. Read more in hereĀ http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/wedding-beauty-tips-for-brides/#gref
  • Get a facial with a hydrating mask. A facial is a must for most brides, and you’ll generally schedule one for a few days before the nuptials so your skin has a chance to heal. Just make sure that you select a treatment that is designed to slough off dead skin cells and re-hydrate your face in the process.
  • Change your makeup palette. It’s truly surprising how many, many women out there don’t realize that they’re supposed to change their makeup seasonally, not to give more money to cosmetics companies, but to take the best possible advantage of environmental elements. The gold and copper tones of summer won’t serve you well in the cool, dim light of winter, and neither will the day-glo hues and candy-colored shades that speak of a warmer climate. Whether you’re doing your own makeup or having it done professionally, make sure to skip the bronzer and use colors that are appropriate for the season and your particular coloring.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Winter Brides

  • Get some R&R. If you want to avoid turning into bridezilla, the best thing you can do is hit up theday spa in search of some much-needed R&R before the big day. With a hot stone massage on the schedule you can not only let the stress go and get majorly relaxed, but you can also attack rough patches, treat dryness and cracking, and achieve overall hydration as the oil soaks into your skin.

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