Charcoal, a new ingredient for skin and hair care

Charcoal a new ingredient for hair care

Products made with charcoal have become fashionable for both facial and body care and hair.

Beauty trends do not stop surprising us and this summer was not going to be less … The last dermatological protagonist is nothing more and nothing less than charcoal, a product that has become fashionable for facial and body care as well as hair. In fact, we usually find it on the market in toothpaste, masks and nose strips.

Its magnetic attraction for impurities makes it a must for cleaning, preventing acne and releasing toxins

And it is that it turns out that this ingredient provides a magnetic attraction for impurities, which makes it a must for cleaning, preventing acne and releasing toxins caused by pollution.  Read more
Charcoal a new ingredient for skin care
As for body care, carbon soap is responsible for softening the dead skin cells and extracts the accumulation of oil from different parts of the body. These soaps can be in a tablet or liquid form.

With regard to hair care, a shampoo or conditioner formulated with carbon can function as a clarification agent to get rid of the accumulation of products.

On the other hand, toothpaste containing this ingredient is ideal to eliminate coffee stains, red wine, and food in general.

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