How to Do a Deep Facial Cleansing

How to Do a Deep Facial Cleansing

The good weather begins to arrive and suddenly, almost without realizing it, we find ourselves at the time of weddings, baptisms, communions (the so-called BBC season), and almost all of a sudden we also get rushed and nervous for getting perfect to these events.

As usual, we have left the duties for the end and now we see that we should have put on a diet before, that the sessions in the gym will not work with so little margin and that our skin is off and we have not taken enough care to that looks with its best image.

Unfortunately, we have a hard time to collect the fruit of our effort, but to show off an impeccable and beautiful skin. The key is to do a proper deep facial cleansing.

With the rush of day to day, and being sincere, many times we get so tired at night that as much we remove makeup and/or wash our face with soap and water to remove the remains of makeup and clean the skin of the impurities accumulated throughout the day. Keep reading

Do a Deep Facial Cleansing

The skin of the face, like the rest of the skin of our body, undergoes a continuous renewal, a process that becomes slower over the years. The new cells that are generated in the deepest layers of the skin go up little by little towards the outermost layers and when they reach the surface of the skin they make it lifeless. In this way, when these dead cells accumulate on the surface, the skin acquires a dull and tired appearance. With a deep facial cleansing we exfoliate the superficial layer and remove the dead cells, we favor the oxygenation of the skin and the formation of new cells, leaving the skin more transparent, translucent and with a more uniform tone.

The most important cleaning is that of the night because you eliminate all the dirt that you could accumulate throughout the day and remove the skin, cleaning the pores and avoiding the creation of pimples and blackheads. The morning one helps to eliminate the possible sebum that has occurred during the night, especially the oily skin and some dead cells, it also helps to keep the skin fresh and to regulate the production of sebum during the day.

To make a deep facial cleansing is not necessary to go to your beauty center, you can also do it yourself at home, following this simple ritual:

  1. Make-up, clean and tone. Remove makeup and clean your face completely, use the most appropriate product to your skin type, even if you are not makeup. In the market you will find many facial cleansing products, different formats and presentations: cleansing milk, gel, and foam, oil or micellar water, for the face, lips and eyes. Then rinse the face with warm water and apply your usual tonic with a cotton ball and touches.
  2. Exfoliate. The exfoliation of the skin is a very important step of your beauty routine if you want to show a healthy and beautiful skin. It is a treatment that you should do every 7-15 days (not daily, to prevent your skin from drying out and peeling). Depending on the size of the grain, the cream will be more or less abrasive.

Extend a small amount of exfoliating gel on the palm of your hand and distribute it with the fingertips on your face with gentle circular movements to effectively remove dead cells without damaging the dermis. The movements should always be ascending and from the center of the face towards the ears, to facilitate that the skin stays firmer and rejuvenated.

It is not necessary to rub the skin for a long time since dead cells are easily removed thanks to the grain of the product. And if you apply it with great force you will only get your face red and the product is just as effective. Avoid the contour of the eyes and lips and previously moisten the skin to spread the product better. Never apply it on dry skin! Then remove the product with cold water to close the pores of the skin and apply again tonic.

Remember that the tonic is always the first step of a treatment. This lotion leaves your skin balanced and prepared so that it penetrates in depth the treatment that you are going to apply next.

  1. Mask. Choose a mask that is appropriate to the state of your face. There are many types: purifying, relaxing, moisturizing, nourishing, oxygenating, …, and in various formats (in cream, in tissue,…).

Cover all your face with the mask and, very important, never stop applying it also in the neck and décolleté area, since in addition to being a very delicate area it is also the one that is largely forgotten and appreciates the same care as the face. Let it act for 15-20 minutes and relax while wearing it. Finally, remove the mask (if the mask is cream, remove it carefully with warm water and the help of a facial sponge). Then dry your face and apply your usual treatment products.

  1. Hydrate and treat. Put your eye contour, your serum, and your usual treatment cream. If your skin is prone to blemishes treat them with a specific serum with vitamin C to fight them.

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