Skin Care Routine for Men

Skin Care Routine

More and more men are aware of the need and the advantages of taking care of themselves. We cannot deny that their physical appearance is also important to them, and more and more, the care of their skin. And, we like it more or less, the physical aspect influences the image that you project of yourself in others, but it also influences your self-esteem and the security with which you face day-to-day decisions, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The skin is the largest organ that you have and it is a part of you that makes you exclusive, that is why you have to take care of it … it will be with you all your life!

It is also a grateful organ, and even more in the case of men. Once they begin to apply a simple daily care routine, they notice the results. So, if you’re a man, do not think twice and start acquiring a skin care routine! And if you’re a woman, there’s no better gift than helping you turn your skin care into a habit! With some daily care products, both he and you will see how his skin changes. Caring for your skin is an investment for life, so give it a healthy and well-groomed skin!

What are the differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin?

The main differences focus on a hormonal issue, especially in the high level of testosterone. This causes a greater production of fat, which explains why male skin is usually fatter than female skin. But do not confuse having oily skin with having hydrated skin!

Skin Care Routine

In addition, the skin of a man is around 25% thicker and produces more collagen than female skin. This means that the first lines of expression will appear to them later, but when they do appear, they do so in a more profound way.

Step-by-step skincare routine for men

Now we turn to you, lord of the house. First and foremost: start having a daily routine! It’s only going to take a minute of your time twice a day: in the morning and at night. It is not difficult and you will begin to notice results right away. Read moreĀ

Step 1. Clean your skin

Both when you get up and when you go to bed, apply a facial cleanser. This way you will get rid of grease and dirt residues so that the products of the rest of the routine are more effective. With a deep cleansing, your skin will look healthy and feel soft. It also visibly reduces excess fat and helps prepare the skin for shaving.

Step 2. The shaving

If you are one of those who shave every morning use shaving foam with nutritious formulas that adhere to the hair to achieve a smooth and close shave, but do not dry your skin.

After shaving, apply a cooling gel to soothe and protect your skin. Keep in mind that shaving irritates the skin and that the skin needs a rest afterwards. And if you like hipster fashion or you like beards, skip this step!

Step 3. Hydrate the skin

It is super important that you do not forget to moisturize your skin with moisturizing cream . Do not worry; it will not leave you feeling greasy on the skin. You will notice it fresh, hydrated and you will reduce the appearance of fine lines of expression and wrinkles.

Step 4. Protect it from the sun

Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays to avoid unwanted spots and wrinkles, and do it also in winter . Keep in mind that we are exposed to sunlight for the simple fact of going outside. You can find moisturizers with sun protection to leave step 3 and 4 in a single step … easier, impossible!

Step 5. Apply specific care for the eye contour

The eye contour is that great forgotten male face that you cannot ignore. The skin of this area is ten times lower than the rest of the skin of the face and the eyes are the first to suffer the signs of stress, fatigue and damage caused by the sun. With an eye contour you will hydrate this area instantly, improve its firmness and reduce wrinkles. Let the crow’s feet tremble!

In five simple steps, you have a complete and effective skin care routine. If you do not want to complicate your life, get yourself a skin care pack that has everything you need to bring and take wherever you go.

Skin Care Routine

And your hands? Do you take care of them?

Many times men neglect their hands, they forget that they, like us, use them absolutely for everything and that with the cold and the daily activity they crack and dry up. Take a moment once a day to moisturize them and from time to time, exfoliate the skin before moisturizing. Your hands will thank you!

The fragrance: the final touch

As the details matter, and a lot, we recommend adding a final touch before leaving home. Look for a body spray with a soft fragrance. You can use it at any time, take one in the backpack of the gym or leave it in the drawer for an emergency. Apply to 15 cm of the skin and vaporize it all over the body, including chest and armpits.

Of course, if you want an aroma that represents you, look for a fragrance that you like and turn it into your logo. They will recognize you for being the best perfumed, with an aroma that leaves no one indifferent.

Discover the gift for the man of the house to take care of his skin

You have everything you need to start taking care of yourself. Now just remember to be constant, and start enjoying the results!