The wonders of activated carbon

activated carbon

We have already talked repeatedly about the great benefits of ingredients, elements or food and although most of these are well known or common. I recently started reading and listening to talk about activated charcoal and although I hear the word coal, I cannot stop thinking about something other than roast beef, a clear afternoon and chelas.

Activated carbon is a rough diamond. Activated carbon is a substance of vegetable origin which has the property of absorbing chemicals, gases, heavy metals, proteins, wastes, and toxins, thus being a great remedy for many diseases, discomforts, and a great ally for detoxification.

While it is true that activated charcoal alone is very good for the body, in combination with other ingredients can create great home remedies for the most common beauty problems.

activated carbon

Today I will leave you my 5 favorites.


To lighten the hair, just mix a tablespoon of baking soda, ½ tablespoon of activated charcoal and a glass of water. Apply on hair massaging the scalp and rinse.


The continuous use of anti-per spirants, deodorants, perfumes, creams or sweat can stain your armpits. To return them to their natural color mix a tablespoon of honey with a ½ tablespoon of activated charcoal and apply to your armpits. Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse. Repeat once or twice a week until you see results. Keep reading The strength of activated carbon


It can be contradictory to soil your teeth with charcoal to clean and rinse them; However, activated carbon is ideal for whitening teeth. For this, mix two tablespoons of coconut oil in liquid, one tablespoon of baking soda and 5 capsules of activated charcoal. Brush your teeth with this paste before brushing your teeth.


This mask, besides being excellent for detoxifying and purifying the skin, is also ideal for moisturizing. Mix a couple of capsules of activated charcoal with two tablespoons of coconut oil, aloe vera and apply on your face, let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can apply a little vitamin E at the end to leave the skin soft

activated carbon


Activated charcoal has everything in perfect black for a delineator and the best thing is that it can be used as such. You only have to mix a spoonful of coconut oil with a spoonful of activated charcoal until you reach the consistency you want and you can use it.

These are just some of the many remedies that can be done thanks to the different benefits that activated carbon has. As I always tell you, if you have not tried it, do it do not lose anything. If you have already tried it before, tell me what you like most about this asset and what is your favorite remedy.

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